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Penthouse Pets Members AreaAt you know what you are going to get- ultra-high “magazine” quality girls doing explicit things. Viewing the tour, you are greeted with many famous girls.

However, it is inside the member’s area that you realize the extent of their content offerings — there are many hot new models that have not yet been over saturated online everywhere.

Of course, they also have a huge archives section featuring Penthouse Pets and Penthouse Models from the past 30+ years. That’s a lot of content.

Penthouse Picture GalleriesIn the members area, they have navigation of ‘Penthouse Pets’, ‘Pornstars’, ‘Scenes’, ‘Galleries’, and ‘Model Chat’. They also have links to get their magazine subscription and to their online store.

Penthouse Pets has a directory of Pets by year and by name going back to the 1970’s.

Penthouse Videos“Videos” section has approximately 100 full length movies where you can jump directly to the scene you want to watch. It also has behind-the-scenes videos from various Penthouse photoshoots and a bunch of hardcore feeds and a video-on-demand theater. ‘Model Chat’ has live video chat sessions with select Penthouse Pets and models.

Generally speaking, Penthouse is one of the best entertainment sites for men online, as is their magazine. If you are a babe/pornstar fan this is a great site to check out as it certainly has a lot of exclusive material.

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